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I am Janice's sister and last weekend I was visiting her in Florida. I had really bad seasonal allergies and felt miserable. I was sneezing and generally not feeling myself. Janice offered to do a Reflexology treatment on me to see if this could help and lo and behold it really did!!!
The treatment was very very relaxing first off.  The following day, I woke feeling much better. I was not feeling 'yukky' and not congested nor sneezing and it has remained good since.
I am glad I have finally had a health issue while with Janice so I could see what Reflexology is really about. I have had it before from her and found it deeply relaxing but now I can see there is much more to it.
Call Janice and talk through any health issue and see if Reflexology can be a support. It sure was for me!
Linda Robinson
Atlanta Ga
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