Palliative Care for Cancer

Reflexology has shown to be very beneficial in supporting clients with cancer and its health challenges. Treatments are deeply relaxing, with a focused but soft touch to ‘relax and release’ but not to overwhelm the body. Sessions are done fully clothed and can be done in your home or wherever is convenient to you.


Benefits of Reflexology:

Great success with overcoming nausea from chemotherapy

Help with sleep

Support for your immune system to help prevent opportunistic infections

Sluggish systems supported: circulation, digestion stimulated

Sense of well being enhanced even in one session


Please email or call me with your health issues and questions about how Reflexology could contrubute to your healing journey.


My husband had several treatments in the last year of his life, fighting cancer. He said he found it extremely relaxing for Janice to come and ‘do my feet’, it helped him to rest and sleep deeper at night.

 Vashon M

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