Having a Reflexology treatment at home is the height of self care that every person deserves!

Major changes I have witnessed through my years in practice.


Digestion: IBS, crohn’s, constipation

Spinal: Pain relief, whiplash eradicated

Headaches: Migraines, and general headaches lessened or eradicated

Sleep: Insomnia and fitful sleep

Stress: Emotional and stress disorders helped, panic attacks eased

Cycles: Re-balanced, fertility, menopause, pre-post natal relief

Wellbeing: Ability to help the body relax, lessening depression and lethargy

Reflexology treatments can help rebalance ALL body systems: digestion, nervous, endocrine, circulation….

My first foot Reflexology,  I felt very peaceful, a deep relaxation. Had a feeling of floating, and felt 'tingling' through different areas being worked on. I had a sore hand and even though Janice was working on the feet I walked away with it feeling 80% better.  After a couple more treatments with Janice, anxiety I suffered from is no longer as intense as before having these sessions.
Jennifer E

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