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I am very excited to offer, in addition to Reflexology treatments, Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a gentle clearing technique that is used to clear the body's energy system. Click here for more on EFT.

I am Janice's sister and last weekend I was visiting her in Florida. I had really bad seasonal allergies and felt miserable. I was sneezing and generally not feeling myself. Janice offered to do a Reflexology treatment on me to see if this could help and lo and behold it really did!!!
The treatment was very very relaxing first off.  The following day, I woke feeling much better. I was not feeling 'yukky' and not congested nor sneezing and it has remained good since.
I am glad I have finally had a health issue while with Janice so I could see what Reflexology is really about. I have had it before from her and found it deeply relaxing but now I can see there is much more to it.
Call Janice and talk through any health issue and see if Reflexology can be a support. It sure was for me!
Linda Robinson
Atlanta Ga

life changing events to come

by kellybrock at Citysearch

My sister went to Janice for EFT.....she felt so positive after a session that I knew I had to go. Both she and I had tried traditional counseling to no avail. I knew fro the energy of my sister and Janice, that my transformation was about to take place. I did not even know anything about EFT and how it worked.

I did one session with her and I was hooked on how organic the experience was for me. My whole soul was touched....which I believe is the advantage with EFT. Traditional counseling treats only the mind......this method treats your physical being, spirit and brain.

I was so physically exhausted for almost 24 hours from the release of my past problems. I was for the first time in who knows when..experiencing an inner peace and calm that was miraculous.


My best friend who lives in Tampa has had a very traumatic life. She has dealt with more than should be humanly possible. I knew she had to come and see Janice. She came a couple of days after my first session. My friend says she hasn't experienced happiness like this in a long time......all after seeing Janice for an EFT session.

I had another session two days later. I did not feel physically exhausted but, even more at peace, calm, serene, in control of my addiction and struggles personally. I cannot describe with words how much "clearing" of past woes and negative feelings has transformed me.

Janice followed up with texts to me to check on my well being for days after. I appreciated her compassion for me, that obviously extended beyond a business relationship.

Janice is a vehicle of light and positivity that will help you come to your own destination of light.
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