What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? 

EFT is a gentle tapping technique used to release blockages in the body’s energy system. It could be considered to be a cousin to acupuncture and acupressure. Through the body run energy meridians (or pathways). Acupuncture and acupressure work to release the blockages in the energy pathways by working with various points along the meridians. EFT also works with these pathways through tapping on these meridians to release blockages. 

What can EFT be used for? 

EFT can be used on any emotional and physical challenge: 
Phobias, addictions, traumas, depression, pain management, emotional issues - to name just a few. It is great for releasing performance anxiety and building confidence.
There is no limit to the possibilities. 

Why Use EFT? 

• It often works when nothing else will.
• It is empowering and freeing.
• It can change your life in just one session.

• Most sessions change is permanent.
• It helps to clear the mind, and body
• Works amazingly with Reflexology
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Before your Appointment, please download this Informed Consent Form and this Intake Form. Fill them out and bring them with you or have them available for our appointment.

I had an EFT session recently to deal with a very difficult situation I encountered while volunteering, which felt almost impossible to overcome.  I was contemplating quitting, but after tapping, I went back into the situation.  Although nothing seemed to have changed externally, It felt totally and completely changed, and I have been able to continue my involvement.  I am actually able to enjoy the experience and have peace of mind at the same time! I am looking forward to working on other topics with Janice in the near future. This is a great addition to Orlando Reflexology.

~ Pam D

I was referred to Janice by my best friend, I was in a crisis situation and figured "What harm could it do at this point?". I tell you what... I walked out of her office after an hour and felt the world off my shoulders. I knew I had to go back; And I did! I loved going to see her because I knew I would walk out feeling 1000x better than I did when I walked in.

Quick background: I had just ended a relationship that was almost a decade old and was also in traditional counseling, and none of that actually provided actual results. I spent years trying to change my mindset on my relationship, about my relationship with my parents, and my relationship with myself. I achieved that with Janice after only a few sessions. Janice gave me HUGE results- just in the first session. She gave me additional results (on issues I've dealt with since I was a teenager) after just a few sessions. After over a year, I still tell her she saved my life. I haven't felt that I've had to go back (although, I should probably go to just say hi), however, I have referred 3 friends there and they thank me, non-stop, for guiding them to her. I would recommend her EFT over traditional treatments any day, she really has saved me and I know that with an open mind... she can help anyone seeking change and healing.

Tassia D


I have seen Janice a few times and I have been VERY satisfied by the results.
She has eradicated sleep issues and knee pain through Reflexology, even though
I use my knee daily with my work. We also did a few EFT-tapping sessions, about career and my future and they were very helpful, confidence building and inspiring. I have been able to see where I get
in my own way in my life and with EFT I was able to let these behaviors go and get
out of the way!!!!
 If you have issues like stress, anxiety, pain or just feel stuck, and don't know what to do,
 call Janice and see if she can help, you will be glad you did.
D John V

"It's been a few months and through a series of synchronicitous events my future has totally come together, I am going back to get another Masters Degree but in a practical, but very rewarding field, the

funding has landed in my lap, and the University has said they very much want me.

I year ago before I had EFT I would never in a million years would I have thought ANY of this was going to happen.

I am so over the moon!

It only took 4 sessions for my life to change, WORTH every penny and then some!" –DJV


Janice and I did one EFT session about my fear that if I tried cut down my food intake, I would be too hungry
and fail.
That was a year ago, and that was all I needed to do the trick. EFT is not magic but it's similar, as it is hard
to believe how well it worked for me.
I am now able to eat less, A LOT LESS! I don't fear being hungry, I actually kind of like it. I have lost 25 lbs
without dieting at all. If you can relate to this then call and book a session ASAP!
Winter Park Fl


My daughter bought me a gift voucher for Christmas for Reflexology and EFT but I was very hesitant to use it.
Now I go weekly to Janice and I feel it is the one thing that helps me to cope with my health challenges!
EFT positively improves my attitude and Reflexology, I ALWAYS feel better after a treatment.
D.L 91 years old Orlando


I had a few EFT phone sessions for different issues, over the last few months with Janice Robinson.
each session we had and the work we shared was incredibly helpful. One was in person, but the rest were on the phone. i dealt with a few very difficult issues:

the sadness of a life threatening illness with someone very dear to me;  
pretty intense separation anxiety issues I have with my children, 
and the excitement of manifesting something very new and very desired in my life--
Each one was met with care and depth and wisdom.

I felt extreme safety and trust with my work with Janice.
We so quickly got right to the heart of the problems and I recommend her highly for a myriad of issues one may have in their own personal or professional life...mind body and spirit!



I have used EFT with Janice with great success. As I type I look at my nails with awe, a lifetime nervous habit of incessant biting, is a thing of the past. We have also done EFT on work issues, and general anxiety and I can say each session had immediate results.


I originally set up an appointment with Janice for Reflexology which really helped with an ongoing pain I had in my knee. Before she started, I explained why I decided to come to her and express my concerns about running my first marathon. She suggested we do EFT. We worked through concerns about the feat ahead of me, and I could feel a difference in positivity RIGHT away.
The day came for the race and I did well. I feel that even a short session of EFT really did make a difference in how I felt on race days and the days leading up to the race. I felt very positive that I would complete the race and the pain in my knee, that had kept me from running for a week during training, was completely gone on race day. 
I would highly recommend going to Janice for a session of EFT before running a marathon or doing any major event.


I saw Janice Robinson for EFT, and had great results!
I was having shooting pain, (for 2 weeks) that wouldn't go. We did a tapping session on it and low and behold the pain was gone the next morning!
We also did a session on carbohydrate addiction and eating and I have lost 28 pounds easily. I am choosing smaller meals without effort.

I am so happy with the work we did with EFT, it was quick, painless, and the results have persisted. Try it you will love it!!!!


"Janice has a lot of heart, I knew that I was in very good hands. I went to her office for reflexology for a severe headache, and while talking she asked if she could use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with me for some emotional problems I was dealing with which was so helpful. I left her office without a headache, and feeling much lighter and better. She is a talented healer who is easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. I've recommended her several times already. "


Marnie Bench

Divorce Recovery Coach

I saw Janice for help with a break up, that I was having trouble letting go of, that I just couldn't move on from.
Janice assured me that EFT could help me from thinking about the relationship in a painful way and that the
sad and painful feelings would release.
She was right! I even called it a 'miracle' to friends and clients. After 1 session, all I can say is this EFT is the most amazing type of healing possible. Janice and I got to the heart of my feelings and poof they were gone. Later that day when my x's name was brought up, I didn't even compute it!!! And the distance I needed to move on continue to this day, months later. Please consider trying this if you have issues of the heart you want help shifting, the sooner the better!
J.C Hair stylist

We Love EFT and Janice Robinson!

Both my son and I were having issues in our lives that we were having trouble getting over. Being far away geographically, we were not able to do a session with her in person. We each did a phone session with Janice which was as powerful as a face-to-face session! Through EFT, Janice was able to root out the core issues that were blocking each of our progress. She is intuitive and gentle and her kindness and wisdom help the process of EFT work even more powerfully than it works on its own. I would suggest anyone with issues that seem stuck, to work with Janice in any way you can. It really works!!

K and H

Rome, Georgia

A letter from a client after an EFT session:

You have such a big heart Janice. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and share with you these deep heavy memories and feelings. It takes someone of special calibre to be able to partner through such terror. Thank you for all your goodness.

I do feel different, literally. I feel stronger, calmer and as if some source of noise was removed.
I am keen on following through until I am sure that nothing psychological is forcing wake up calls through the night. Perhaps another sleep study could help verify that.

For now I am just observant of this new feeling and what kind of impact is heaving on my life.

My sincere regards,

S Paris France

Note from Janice : An update 2 months after our EFT session, I have left out the actual horrific events that ensued.

I am happy to support you with my testimony/referral Janice.

Yesterday I visited the grave of the lad who caused the havoc at that pub many years ago ( when I got stuck and almost died). This was the first time I had a desire to visit his place of rest in 22 years and say a few words.

Signs of progress!

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