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The treatment I received from Janice was incredibly relaxing. Her technique was subtle, non-invasive; and it’s great that it was, due to the fact that I suffer from foot pain, and can hardly endure deep footwork. Her technique put me into a deeply relaxed state almost immediately, and arose from the treatment quite refreshed. Thank you Janice, I look forward to our next appointment!


Matt B. Isolampi LMT CNMT MMT / ma11909

Lead Massage Therapist/Finnie Chiropractic Center

Massage Therapy Instructor/Westside Tech

I had a few Reflexology treatments with Janice which made a huge impact on my physically and mentally. My anxiety has reduced, sleep has improved. My mental ability has been improved, as  far as mood, thinking and observance. My mind feels cleaner and more in control. I totally feel like stress and pressure has been lifted. I felt warmth, kind of electricity flow through my body during a treatment. Very impressed. Janice's energy is great.


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