Pre-wedding stress:

Mini sessions (20 minutes on a massage chair) for family and friends - 100% guaranteed to help you not only relax, but feel refreshed to meet all the challenges of this important day.

Book for ANY wedding event.

Email me to talk through your needs and have a free demo session.



Group Events:


Reflexology micro sessions can be a unique addition to your event.

Incredibly deep relaxation is obtained from a 15-20 minute session.

Done fully clothed from a massage chair, but using headphones to block extraneous noises.

Let me give you a free demo for you to experience how powerful and amazing these micro sessions can be!



Sports Events:


Pre-performance anxiety

Muscular-spinal tension

Deep relaxation

Use a reflexology micro session (15-20 min) to ‘Refresh and Re-focus’, 100% guaranteed to give you the advantage you are looking for at your next event.

Post sport events to decompress, relaxing mind and body.

Email me and let’s talk it through and have a free demo session.

Minimum 4 sessions for an on-site visit.


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