Janice is an inspired healer. She is passionate about her work and perfected her skills as a reflexologist. Her talented hands are enhanced by the incorporation of relaxing sounds and emotional freedom technique. Janice is able to reach into the heart of what causes illness and bring balance.

Mandy Gulla LMT, LM, ND

Center for Integrative Medicine

I started having symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome when I was in my early twenties. The symptoms were annoying but tolerable. When I became pregnant, the symptoms worsened. They had just started advertising the medication for RLS but the side effects of the medication made it not worth even trying. Even after I had my baby, my RLS continued to be a major issue. Janice started working on trying to alleviate my symptoms of the RLS and I noticed such a difference after just one treatment. My symptoms of it were gone for almost 2 weeks. After another treatment for it, I haven't had any symptoms of the RLS. I am such a believer in reflexology and in Janice's treatments and would tell anyone they have to experience it for themselves!

Lindsay, Orlando, FL

I have been seeing Janice Robinson for a couple months now for Reflexology. The main reason I was seeing her was for pain in my feet as I have diabetic neuropathy, for the last 5 years. I have never had Reflexology before and didn't know what to expect, but I can say it has surpassed any expectations I might have imagined.
Since starting there has been a peeling away of layers, such as going off ALL pain medications for the neuropathy, and  Blood Pressure medication too. Lower back and neck pain I had for years is pretty much not an issue anymore.

But, the most significant aspect of this process has been the changes to my feet:
2 toe ulcers gone
Venous circulation increased
Pain levels way down
A lot more feeling in my feet
Being able to walk more comfortably and be more active
My podiatrist has watched the changes over the last two months and finally exclaimed he wanted Janice's card! I am glad that we are working together to improve my health and glad that Janice is part of my health team!
Ron R
Orlando Fl

Not only is Janice amazing with her reflexology, she is also amazing with EFT. Did an EFT session with her and felt like I had a weight lifted from my chest. It completely shifted the way I felt about certain issues that I was having in my life and helped me to look at things in a different light. I would recommend Janice for both reflexology and EFT....it was an amazing experience!

I had an EFT session with Janice Robinson and had no idea what to expect as it was my first time...but the session exceeded all expectations as she puts you at ease and I was able to release a lot of hindrances.  I left feeling rejuvenated as my line of work can burn me out; this restored my energy and peace of mind.  She used reflexology toward the end of the treatment to give me time and space to regroup.  Afterward she suggested I not talk and just relax a bit before I had to return to work.  I left feeling light and serene.  I feel like I have been able to handle irritants more calmly and look forward to my next appointment with her.



Wellness Spa Owner

Are you worried and stressed about a test this helps!!!
by lauraball at Citysearch
I was really worried and stressed about an up coming test and Janice really helped me with relaxing. I have suffered from anxiety and insomina and never thought that Reflexology could help. I didn't even know what reflexology was about, but after seeing Janice I was hooked.  I tell everyone I know. if you have any problem and don't want a doctor to just hand you meds try an alternative way. Janice also did a mini EFT session to calm my fears during our Reflexology session and also in the parking lot right before I took the test. We worked on letting go of my fears and telling myself I would be cool, calm and collected, which I was!!!!!
I ended up doing better than I would have imagined on my test thanks to Janice.

January 03, 2013
Emotional Freedom Technique at Orlando Reflexology changed my life tremendously. Janice Robinson is truly compassionate and gifted at what she does. I went to her about 4 mos ago to get Reflexology but also had 2 sessions of EFT. I had stopped taking medication for a chronic pain condition and wanted to use Reflexology and EFT to help relieve the pain as well as possibly unblock the emotional areas in my life that were keeping me stuck in this pain cycle, both physically and emotionally.

Well, after 2 combined sessions of Reflexology and EFT, I felt so much lighter that I no longer thought of the emotional scars that previously had come to my mind so frequently and weighed me down. Even friends noticed that I was "different and lighter" and wanted to know what had changed in my life. And four months later, neither the physical nor the emotional pain has returned.

I have recommended her to several people, one being my boyfriend, who was just a friend at the time I saw Janice. As a result of my new lighter and freer self, our relationship has taken on a different dimension and grown more than I could have imagined. He was so impressed that he wanted to experience EFT with Janice and had 2 successful sessions.

If you have not tried EFT, I highly recommend it! I also highly recommend Orlando Reflexology, because Janice is passionate about helping others to achieve total balance and freedom in their lives.
J.T nurse

Janice Robinson qualified in Massage and Reflexology in 1994 in London, England and had a practice in both London and Edinburgh, Scotland for many years. Janice is one of very few full time Reflexologists that are certified and Licensed in Massage Therapy in Central Florida.

"My goal as a Reflexologist is for my clients to feel the deepest sense of peace they have felt in ages, life’s stresses and strains melting away and vibrant health emerging to the forefront."

In 2011 Janice completed level 1,2 and 3 training for the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She now offers it to clients in addition to Reflexology.

"EFT has given remarkable results in my life,  and also, to friends, family, and clients. Basically everyone I practice this with is in awe how simple and straightforward this form of energy medicine can be and still make such huge shifts in our lives. I am very passionate about EFT as much as I am about Reflexology."

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